TEDx Talk:

"The Perils of Pushing Through Your Headaches:

Unveiling the Science of Chronification"

The one thing you need to know to relieve your headaches without meds starting *now*

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Dr. Amelia Scott Barrett, MD

Stanford-trained Neurologist

Stop pushing through your headaches and start figuring out why you're having them in the first place. Click here to take the 2-minute quiz so I can email you personalized tips to help you get started today.

Normal Brain --> Chronification Brain

This is part of the reason that migraine is the Number One cause of disability in women under 50.

Repeated migraines make the brain fire abnormally, like the one on the right. Over time, that abnormal firing can cause changes in the structure of the brain that make you even more prone to headaches, and resistant to medications.

I don't want that to happen to you.

Let me show you how to use new science and technology to relieve your headaches without a prescription. In the past decade, we've learned so much about how to find and fix the hidden causes of headaches... and I want to share this empowering new information with you!

"Dr. B, you have changed my life. This year was the first Christmas in over 10 years in which I didn't have a migraine. I have decreased my migraine down to 6 a month from 15.

You pointed me in the right direction and fed me all the information I needed to find my way to happy!"

~Alejandra B

"Three days ago I woke up a new person! It was like a switch.

My family is in tears to see me not in pain and lethargic for the first time in a decade. I wish I was local so I could hug you! I think I just got my life back! Thank you for fixing me!"

~Melissa M.

"I am amazed that I am now having some headache free days and some days of it barely hurting off and on. I am one week into no triptans…and it is going much better than I could have ever imagined! I am so thankful for you passing on the things you have learned……and that something is finally helping me!!!!"

~Tamra M.